National Land Code to be extended to Labuan from Jan 1: Minister

LABUAN: The federal government has agreed that the Federal Territory of Labuan (Extension and Modification of the National Land Code) Order be enforced from Jan 1, which will benefit both the government and land owners.

Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin said the decision was made after thorough studies were done and several discussions held, including reviewing and comparing each section of the National Land Code (NLC) with the Sabah Land Ordinance 1930, to ensure the extension to and application of the NLC in the Federal Territory of Labuan was proper and beneficial.

He was speaking at the announcement of the NLC extension order enforcement for Labuan and opening of the civil servants quarters in Kg Bukit Kuda, here, yesterday.

He said that besides the NLC, the application of other laws pertaining to land management, namely the Land Acquisition Act 1960 (Act 486), Strata Titles Act 1985 (Act 318), Licensed Land Surveyor Act 1958 (Act 458), Land and Mining Plans and Documents Act (Photographic Copies) Act 1950 (Act 233), and Labuan Native Title Act 2007 (Act 667) would also be extended to Labuan.

The benefits derived from the extension to and application of the NLC and other relevant laws in Labuan include: ai??i?? ai??? The land administration structure in Labuan will be the same as that in other states in the peninsula, and this encompasses the local authorities, Land and Mines offices and land title registrars.

With this, the powers vested under the NLC will be exercised by the relevant authorities in a proper manner.

ai??? The existing land administration in Labuan which does not have mukim (sub-districts) will remain and the whole island placed under one land administration unit.

All the land in Labuan are placed under the Title Registry, the same as in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya.

ai??? The types of land in Labuan remain at two – Town Land and Country Land.

This will enable two types of tax to be imposed based on the land type so that the NLC application will not burden the existing land owners.

ai??? The title ownership and status, as well as native land transactions will be protected and not fall into the hands of non-natives.

ai???With the enforcement of the NLC extension order in Labuan, my ministry will be able to implement the computerised land registration system for greater efficiency in land administration and storing of records,ai??? said Raja Nong Chik.

He said the setting up of a one-stop centre would also help improve overall land development management towards enhancing the public service delivery in Bernama

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