8 families in Kg Iran and Kg Sepupok Niah evacuated

MIRI: Civil Defence Department (JPAM) Miri evacuated eight families affected by floods in Kampung Iran and Kampung Sepupok Niah yesterday.
Miri JPAM officer, Lieutenant Madihi Habib, said as at 8am yesterday, a total of 32 people including 10 children were evacuated to Kampung Iran Primary School.
ai???The evacuation operation was carried out since last Friday night due to heavy rain and the victimsai??i?? house was seriously affected by the flood,ai??? he said when contacted yesterday.
He said Miri JPAM had prepared boats, trucks and 4WD vehicles in case they need to shift more
flood victims to evacuation centers.
ai???We have 15 JPAM members ready to help the victims here,ai??? he added.
He said a heavy downpour since Tuesday caused the water level to rise and flood low lying areas such as Kampung Iran and Sepupok Niah.
However, no untoward incidents were reported thus far.
Madihi added that those who need emergency assistance can contact JPAM operation room at 085-430389

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