ai???Forward bases well stocked for floodsai??i??

DALAT: The seven forward bases in Mukah are fully stocked in preparation for floods.
Speaking at the launch of Pesta Kaul Klid here on Saturday, Women, Welfare and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah said the centres were established to enable the distribution of dry rations, especially to families living far away from the nearest town.
The centres are the Dalat Community Hall; Rumah Tulu Anak Sili, Nanga Baoh Dalat, SK Baoh Ulu (old building); Rumah Nicholas Layang, Lubok Bemban Mukah; Balai Raya Kuala Kenyana, Mukah; SK Kuala Balingian, Mukah; and Matu Community Hall.
Balai Raya Kuala Kenyana and SK Kuala Balingian in Mukah are stocked for 100 families each, while the rest are stocked for 150 families each.
The total number of distribution centres for 2013 remains the same as last year at 83.
Earlier, Fatimah, who is Dalat assemblywoman, launched Pesta Kaul Klid Dalat.
Pesta Kaul is the main ai???kaulai??i?? celebration practised by the Melanau Liko. The celebration marks the end of the monsoon season and the start of fishing season.
The festival draws not only local residents but those from outside Mukah and outside the state, making it an agent of unity for the Melanaus.

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