ai???Sibu hit by moderate floodai??i??

WATER EVERYWHERE: A commercial area at Lanang Road hit by the flood waters.

SIBU: Divisional engineer of Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Ting Sing Kwong confirmed Sibu had already been hit by a moderate flood, causing low-lying areas and areas
close to the river bank to be submerged.
He said water had risen on Sunday night, and high water level would stay a bit longer this time because king Tide would stay for up to 10 days.
He said the watery situation had been made worst by rain that fell through the whole Rejang area, causing water to rush down to Sibu.
ai???I am calling on residents in the low-lying areas and those staying close to banks to stay alert. The flood may reach moderate level in areas like Ling Kai Cheng Road, Ulu Sungei Merah Road and Stabau Road. But, we do need to stay
Ting said water levels in Kapit and upper reaches of Rajang River were going up too.
He said the king Tide now

measured at 3.4 metres, and it would continue to rise to 3.8 metres before it started going down.
However, he said the rain would raise the water level further up, thus, causing the river to burst its banks.
Ting noted that on Sunday night, the rain had fallen from 11pm to10am yesterday, adding it was a long stretch.

He said since since pre-Christmas period, it had not been dry.
He said the king Tide occurred yesterday at daybreak and nightfall, and each day, it would be delayed for about an hour.
ai???Watch out for these periods of high water

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