Donai??i??t politicise hardship, Dayaks told

MELUAN: Social
Development and
Urbanisation Minister Dato
Sri William Mawan Ikom
yesterday advised Dayaks,
particularly Ibans, not to
turn their hardship into a
political issue.
Mawan, who is also
Sarawak Progressive
Democratic Party (SPDP)
president, said hardship and
joy are part of the cycle of
life and almost everybody
experiences them through
the course of his or her life.
ai???If hardship is politicised

by people, then it would
hinder the governmentai??i??s
development plans for their
areas,ai??? said the Pakan
assemblyman, countering
charges by certain quarters
that the government was not
caring enough.
Attending a ai???Leaders-
Meet-the-Peopleai??i?? session at
Rh Japar, Nanga Kemalih
in Ulu Entabai near here,
Mawan assured that the
Barisan Nasional (BN)
government would not
sideline anyone, even those
in the remotest areas like
However, it is inevitable
that areas in the interior
would experience slow
development and progress
as far as infrastructures are
concerned, he pointed out.
ai???It is not the fault of our
government when our
forefathers wanted to settle
down in the upper reaches
of Sarawak for some good
reason in their time when
they can in fact settle down
in coastal and downriver
areas,ai??? he said when
explaining that some remote
areas were easier to develop.
ai???You and I will get
headaches if we politicise
development. There are
many factors the
government has to consider
when distributing
development fund,ai??? he
Mawan however conceded
that priority should be given
to set up schools and clinics
and that clean water and
environment are crucial for
the people.

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