Help get govt funds: Wong

SIBU: State Democratic Action Party
(DAP) chairman Richard Wong yesterday
expressed the hope that Chinese-based
political parties in the State would redouble
their efforts to get from the government
the much-needed financial assistance for
Chinese education.
He said the MCA in Peninsular Malaysia
had succeeded three times between 2004
and 2007 to obtain financial assistance from
the government for the development of
Chinese education in the peninsula.
ai???Each time the amount given was RM10
million,ai??? he said.
Speaking at a press conference here,
Wong said he thought this should spur
political parties in Sarawak to emulate their
counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia who
had succeeded in getting funds from the
For that matter, he said not just the
Chinese-based parties but all Barisan
Nasional (BN) parties should help get such
funding for Chinese schools.
Using statistics to support his view, he
said as at September 2006 there were 16,217
non-Chinese children studying in Chinese
primary schools in Sarawak.

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