Opposition raises only petty issues

deliberating on current national
issues during the civic assembly
organised by Jasa at Kampung
Seberang in Sarikei.

Jasa going all out to counter attempts by c

SARIKEI: The State Special Affairs
Department (Jasa) is going all out to
counter any attempt by certain
quarters to mislead the people on
various issues.
One of the departmentai??i??s
approaches was conducting civic
assemblies such as the ai???majlis
muzakarahai??i?? which it held at
Kampung Seberang here Thursday,
an officer from Sibu Jasa office Yusna
Mentali said.
Yusna, who was the main speaker
at the function, said the main
objective of the activity was to
provide a forum for the people to get
the right information on current
issues particularly those connected
with government policies.
At the same time, the people could
verify the facts which they had
obtained from other sources,
especially from those manipulated
and twisted by the opposition parties,Ai??he added.
ai???In general they would deliberate
on big issues such as our economic

development, national unity and
integrity and the governmentai??i??s
farsighted national agenda, he said,
believing that those issues were too
big to be eclipsed by the petty issues
raised by the opposition.
Citing an example, he said, the
people needed to be informed of the
countryai??i??s impressive economic
performance which had recorded a
five per cent growth annually and
that the countryai??i??s economy was
ranked 18th among the 230 countries
in the world.
As there were many current issues
which were subject to manipulation
by the opposition, he believed the
best way to counter it was to feed the
people with the true information
which they could effectively obtain
at civic assemblies.
Tanjong Manis Jasa officer Ahmat
Adai, Repok Jasa officer James Law,
representatives from various
departments and local community
leaders were among those present at
the function.

ertain quarters to lead people astray: Officer

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