Prime Minister urges Malaysians to build a better future

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yesterday urged all Malaysians to fulfil their responsibility in building a better future for the coming generations and place the country in its rightful position. Najib, in his 2011 New Year message, said the governmentai??i??s plans and programmes would not be successful without the support and cooperation of the people. ai???Letai??i??s not be satisfied and just sit back to be mere critics. Letai??i??s mould a better future for the coming generations. ai???The power to build lies in the hands of the people. Fulfil this responsibility as best as you can,ai??? he said. Najib reminded the present generation not to gamble away the future of the coming generations by making wrong decisions. ai???This is not the time to experiment, but a time to renew and strengthen the trust in what has been proven to be effective,ai??? he said. The prime minister said the government always adopted full responsibility in the management of the country, in particular the economy. ai???As a government sensitive to the pulse of the people, we will not at all neglect the peopleai??i??s interests by making a promise or a decision which seems to be popular but is actually to the detriment of the interests of everyone,ai??? he said. He said any government which promised or formulated popular but irresponsible policies would gain recognition or support in the short term, but in the long term it would be the people who would suffer. ai???Learning from mistakes, throughout 2010, we built a strong foundation to ensure that the nationai??i??s potentials and resources can be stimulated and mobilised towards achieving the national vision,ai??? he said.

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