Intoxicated men attack their fathers

SIBU: A drunken man, 29, was arrested by police for attempting to slash his father using two parangs at Kampung Bahagia Jaya, Teku last Saturday.

The incident happened in their home around 6pm when the father asked his drunken son not to make so much noise.

Instead of obeying, the son grabbed two parangs and rushed at his father.

His old man reacted quickly by locking the door to the room before calling the police.

Police arrived at 9pm, detained the suspect and seized the two parangs.

In a similar case in Kampung Jeriah, a youth, 18, who got drunk was arrested by police for attacking his father with an axe.

In the 9pm incident on Saturday night, the father was upset by his son getting drunk, and advised him against it.

Angered, the suspect grabbed an axe and attacked his father who managed to dodge the blows.

He phoned the police and the suspect was arrested and the axe seized.

Meanwhile a 50-year-old man from Sungai Merah was rushed to hospital after he tried to commit suicide by drinking half a glass of poisonous liquid.

It was believed that Amit Empalam had quarrelled with his wife earlier on Saturday night.

He went to sleep but later woke up to drink the poisonous liquid.

The mana��s wife who saw the incident immediately rushed him to hospital.


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