Low-lying areas inundated after continuous rain

SIBU: Several low-lying areas here were again flooded these few days due partly to the rain and high tide.

The flood disrupted smooth flow of vehicular traffic.

Motorists had to make detours, contributing to long queues along a number of roads like Brooke Drive, Wong King Huo road and Tun Abang Haji Openg road.

Flash floods have become a common occurrence here, but the people are still hoping the government will address the problem that is causing the phenomenon.

Disgruntled members of the public are quick to blame the poor drainage system and sinking roads as factors that are causing the flood.

Much has been talked about governmenta��s allocation for floodmitigation measures.

However, the public generally feels the pressing need now is to improve the drainage system, clear the clogged drains and raise the roads.


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