Kapit to play in state tennis tournaments

Pemanca Badi Nuawi

KAPIT: Kapit Division Lawn Tennis Association (KDLTA) will send a team for the Inter-Division and Sarawak Closed tournaments in Miri from May 1-6.

The players are Soon Peng Hai, Max Wong Soon Wei, Mohd Al-Fitri Panyau, Ahmad Adham Berhaumidin, Raja Ding May, Patrick Alexius Uda and Leon Jonical.

At a meeting on Tuesday, KDLTA president Pemanca Badi Nuawi told the players that by competing in these annual state-level events, they would have the chance to meet opponents from the other Divisions and improve their standards.

a�?To get better, constant practice and competition are necessary.

a�?When we train and compete regularly, our game will improve.

a�? Badi also thanked Kapit MP Alexander Nanta Linggi for sponsoring the team this year.

Nanta is the team manager while Kapit Youth and Sports officer Bonnie Manau Amerikan, the captain.

Badi said sending a team to Miri was very expensive, in fact, a lot more expensive than to Kuching but as an affiliate, KDLTA have to support Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association, organiser of the Inter- Division and Sarawak Closed tournaments.

a�?Since its inception in the late 1970s, our association has not failed to participate in this tournament despite financial and manpower constraints.

a�?With sacrifices made by our members, we have managed to organise several tournaments for our players and send teams to state-level tournaments.

a�?I am also proud to say our courts are fully booked after office hours,a�? he said.

Badi advised the players to display a high degree of discipline during the tournament and get to know their counterparts from the other Divisions.

a�?You are the ambassadors of Kapit.

Try and promote your hometown to your friends and opponents with exemplary sportsmanship,a�? he added.


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