Hitmenten as a tourism product

Abdul Rahman Hassan

KUCHING: Hitmenten can be developed into a tourism product for Sarawak.

Its inventor Abdul Rahman Hassan believes it can become a tourism product with a training package tailored to the requests of enthusiasts from overseas.

According to him, even though the sport has not been fully promoted, he has received many calls not only from other parts of Sarawak but also Brunei Darussalam and Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

ai???They are eager to see how the sport is played. However, the programmes are tight as many activities are lined up in Kuching until the end of the year, including the Satok Fest from Dec 25 and 27,ai??? he said yesterday.

Rahman said hitmenten could be categorised as an ai???extremeai??i?? game as it had fundamental elements such as precision of strokes, explosive power and emphasis on basic instincts in its training programme.

ai???These elements are incorporated into the coaching and training module called the ISP (Instinct, Strength and Precision).ai??? Rahman said he would submit a paper to the relevant ministries in Sarawak to develop hitmenten as a tourism product.

ai???Hitmenten will have its own training modules that combine the fundamentals of sports science and hybrid concepts.ai??? Targeting children as young as five, the game will devise a discipline to enhance the development of thinking and power instinct.

Apart from that, it applies a different concept in nurturing skills by teaching the advanced strokes right from the first day a child begins to handle the racquet.

ai???The main object is to nurture and unleash talents,ai??? Rahman said.

To move forward in promoting the sport, he needs support from sponsors and volunteers.

He welcomes those interested to work together with him.

Meanwhile, Rahman will conduct a hitmenten demonstration today at Kampung No. 6, Jalan Datuk Ajibah Abol at 7am.

For more information, call 019-8189755.

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